• 1. What is BigTrade?
    • BigTrade is the business engagement platform for the wholesale business which brings manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and retailers on the common platform. Its online channel for the wholesale business, which assists in complete trading process right from product/business discovery to the dealing with the businesses by ordering, and tracking of due payment.
      It basically covers three business aspects:
      (A). Discovery – Assists in finding the most relevant product/business.
      (B). Interaction: Complete transparent platform which allows you to interact with the businesses.
      (C). Transaction: Allows you to post the order, enquiry of business leads to only relevant businesses.

  • 2. How the business deals are executed through BigTrade App?
    • When the buyer wants to buy something in bulk, they either go through the category wise business/product listing and contact or order the items directly to the suppliers or they can post the Buy Requirement/RFQ (Request for Quotation). Only trusted and relevant suppliers can view those buy requirements and respond directly to the buyer.

  • 3. How are the orders processed on BigTrade?
    • The buyer(s) can choose to place the order for one or more product(s) to the supplier. If any of the product pricing is specified as negotiable by the supplier then the buyer can specify their chosen price, similarly, suppliers can also change the price of the items. When the price/quantity is modified by either of the party the other party will be given the choice to accept the price or further change the price/quantity. The order will be treated as confirmed only if both parties agree on the price.

  • 4. What is the Enquiry, RFQ/Buy Requirement/Business Lead?
    • The new enquiry is generated from product details page when the buyer wants to know more details about the given product.
      The RFQ(Request for Quotation)/Buy Requirement is posted when the buyer wants to get the pricing details of the product(s) from multiple suppliers. The buy requirement is posted to all relevant suppliers and they respond to this business lead with their pricing schemes.

  • 5. How does the rating/scoring system works on BigTrade?
    • On BigTrade platform buyers can rate/review the products and suppliers can rate/review the buyers based on their experience. Normally businesses are rated based on their response rate, quality of their products, and overall trading experience. While the products are rated based on their quality and overall experience.

  • 6. Can I manage the accounts with my trade partners?
    • BigTrade helps you in this with its mini accounting/bookkeeping tool to manage and track the due payments, which gives you the overall picture of your dues pending with suppliers/buyers. Whenever the new order is confirmed by both parties on the pricing, the total due payment details are updated with the price of the deal. When the payment is made to/from the party the new entry has to be entered by them to adjust the due payment. This further facilitates you in tracking all the transaction with the given party. Please note that BigTrade does not process the payment or actual transaction between the parties happening through either offline or online channel.

  • 7. What are the pricing options for the product?
    • The supplier can choose to specify the product pricing in various ways. They can keep the pricing confidential and choose to specify it only on the enquiry posted by the buyer, Or they can specify the pricing upfront in following ways:
      (A) Pricing can be specified as negotiable or non-negotiable.
      (B) It can be specified as a constant value, for example, Rs 150, irrespective of the quantity of order.
      (C) Or, It can be specified in price buckets based on the range of quantity ordered by the buyer. For example Rs 150 for quantity 5-10, Rs 130 for 11-25 and Rs 110 for quantity 25 and above.
      Along with these, a supplier can choose to specify the MoQ (minimum order quantity) for the given product.

  • 8. How can I communicate with the trade partners on BigTrade?
    • BigTrade provides the complete transparent online channel for interaction. You can contact the businesses either by inbuilt messenger or you can make them call with their phone numbers available upfront.



  • 1. How does it help suppliers?
    • BigTrade is an end to end business solution which assists in connecting with the most relevant and trusted buyers across the nation. It is absolutely free to use and as a supplier, you get following benefits:
      (A). Create your free online mini-site to showcase your business and product portfolio.
      (B). Get quality business leads from trusted and relevant buyers at absolutely zero cost.
      (C). Increase your sales by promoting your products only to the relevant businesses.
      (D). Manage your orders, enquiries and business leads at a single platform.
      (E). Get the overall business picture and track the due payments with your buyers with transaction wise details.
      (F). Check the credibility of the buyers by checking their profile and their ratings/reviews.
      (G). Customer feedback: You get the direct feedback from the buyers about your products, which can enhance the quality of your product lines and helps you it making it market fit.

  • 2. How can I create my product catalog on BigTrade?
    • You can contact us on info@bigtrade.co with the brief of your business and contact details. We will reach out to you and assist you in creating your digital profile and product portfolio with absolutely zero cost.

  • 3. How can I promote my business using BigTrade?
    • Suppliers can announce about any new product offering to the relevant buyers through our online platform. Since this announcement reaches only to the relevant buyers in the given business category, the conversion rates of these campaigns are really high. It’s absolutely free to announce your offers. We request you to announce only genuine deals because we keep stringent checks on these announcements to fight with the spams.

  • 4. How can I save money using the BigTrade App?
    • With BigTrade you get the free platform to promote your business and increase the sales by managing the orders, enquiries and business leads. We help you creating your business profile and digital catalog at absolutely free of cost. With the Due payment tracking tool, you get the overall picture of dues and can send the reminders about the due payment to your buyers with the single click. The deal conversion rates on any buy leads are really high because only trusted and authenticated buyers can post the buy requirements for the bulk purchasing.

  • 5. How can I reach out to Buyers?
    • BigTrade is the complete transparent platform with the trusted and authenticated business listing. You can contact any business house either by using the inbuilt messenger or you can call/email them which are specified on their profile page.



  • 1. How does it help buyers?
    • BigTrade provides you absolutely free platform to find the new trade partners or you can manage your existing business relationship with its innovative business management tools. It assists you in following aspects:
      (A). Business profiling: You can create your business profile which establishes the credibility of your business and helps the suppliers in dealing with you.
      (B). Find relevant Products/Suppliers: It helps in finding trusted and most relevant suppliers for your bulk purchase requirement. You can check the complete business profile of the suppliers with their product portfolio before dealing with them.
      (C). Buy requirements: You can post your buy requirement for the bulk purchasing, which are sent to only relevant and authenticated suppliers in a transparent manner. The suppliers then respond with their product lines and pricing schemes which match with your requirement.
      (C). Hassle-free negotiation and order management: You can place the order for one or more product(s) to the supplier and negotiate the pricing with suppliers before finalizing the deal.
      (D). Save money with great deals and offers: The suppliers announce deals on their product lines only for the bulk purchasing deals. You can take the benefit of these promotion deals and save money.
      (E). Feedback: You can submit your feedback directly to the manufacturers/importers of the product to fulfill your business need. This gives you the power to communicate directly to the makers of the product in a transparent way.

  • 2. As a buyer, how can I find most relevant suppliers for my business?
    • BigTrade helps buyers in directly reaching out to trusted suppliers for their bulk purchasing requirements. You can browse through the business listing and product portfolios or you can post your bulk purchase buy requirement with all specification about your needs. These requirements are sent to relevant suppliers which respond with their product and pricing matching the requirement.

  • 3. How can I save money using the BigTrade App?
    • BigTrade comes with all business tools at absolutely no cost. It automates your business enquiries, buy requirements and ordering through the online channel. You can track your order status and check total due payments to suppliers with its mini accounting tool. You can save money with genuine offers targeted for bulk purchasing deals from the trusted suppliers.

  • 4. Why are some of the Products don’t show the pricing while some have the multiple prices?
    • The suppliers can decide to hide the product pricing and make it available only on the request from buyers with the business enquiry. The pricing for any product can be specified as negotiable (The * mark appears next to product price) or non-negotiable. Further, Suppliers can specify the pricing buckets based on the quantity of the order. For example product price: Rs 150 for quantity 5-10, Rs 130 for 11-25 and Rs 110 for quantity 25 and above.